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Men's line

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Face cream 50ml FOR MEN

A unique face cream that has been created for men who want to maintain a youthful appearance and smooth skin!

Price zł39.90

Gift set for men 4

Hand cream 70 ml Shaving soap 175 g After shave balm 150 ml Shampoo and shower gel 250 ml

Price zł99.00

Gift set for men 2

Shampoo and shower gel 250 ml After shave balm 150 ml Hand cream 70 ml

Price zł79.00

Hand cream MEN

Intensely moisturizing and regenerating hand cream for dry and irritated men's skin. It contains 20% of shea butter that increases the resistance of the hand skin to external factors such as wind or frost. It leaves a protective film on the skin yet does not leave a greasy feeling.

Price zł22.00

After shave balm MEN

With a formula specifically formulated for men's skin, it soothes and intensively moisturizes. Enriched with ingredients such as argan oil, allantoin, arnica Montana, chamomile extract, and menthol the balm provides excellent skincare. When used regularly it prevents irritations and reduces signs...

Price zł29.00

Shaving soap MEN

This shaving soap has been formulated to effectively soften the beard while making shaving easier. It provides a pleasant masculine scent.

Price zł29.00

Shampoo and shower gel MEN

Shampoo - shower gel for men is a 2-in-1 cosmetic providing both skin and hair cleansing. The combination of a refreshing shower gel and a delicate shampoo for everyday use provides clean and fresh skin as well as soft and great smelling hair. 

Price zł33.90