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Face care

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The Others micellar water

This gentle micellar water of the OTHERS line effectively removes makeup while providing intense skincare. Its effective action is guaranteed by micelles, active particles with powerful cleansing and toning properties. Additionally, the formula is enriched with ingredients such as provitamin B₅,...

Price zł27.90
  • New

Krem mcA+

Our innovative microencapsulation technology is based on encapsulating a powerful anti-wrinkle complex in hyaluronic acid. With this method, active ingredients in the mcA+ cream are carried into the deep skin layers, where they are gradually released.

Price zł129.00
  • New

Face cream 50ml FOR MEN

A unique face cream that has been created for men who want to maintain a youthful appearance and smooth skin!

Price zł39.90

Sambucus nigra face cream

The rich and nourishing anti-wrinkle face cream contains elderberry (Sambucus nigra) flower and fruit extract.

Price zł24.80