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Body lotions

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Argan & Goats Body elixir

A unique body elixir based on goat milk, shea butter, and a unique composition of natural plant oils: argan and avocado. Moisturizes intensively nourishes the skin for a long time. It eliminates the feeling of unpleasant tension, soothes irritations, restoring skin's elasticity at the same time....

Price zł64.90

Body lotion with ozone

Body lotion with ozone protects, regenerates and oxygenates the skin. It shoothes all irritations, supports cell metabolism stimulating the skin to self-regeneration. It supports the restoration of the natural protective skin barrier and evens its colour.  

Price zł34.90

Cottonseed oil body cream

Cottonseed Oil Body Cream is a light cream formulated with natural, deeply nourishing, and moisturizing ingredients. It has been designed for daily body care. It is well applied, easily absorbed, and leaves no streaks or greasy film on the skin. Is It has a very delicate, feminine fragrance.

Price zł31.90