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Ozo line

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Ozonated cleaning soap...

Refill of your favourite brush cleaning soap - replaceable refill according to the #lesswaste idea

Price zł25.90

Gift set Ozone cosmetics 1

Body lotion with ozone 250 ml Ozone soap bar 150 g Liquid soap with ozone 300 ml Reperative hand cream 50 ml Hand cream gel with ozone 150 ml Ozone shampoo 250 ml Shower gel with ozone 250 ml

Price zł190.00

Ozone shampoo

The formula of the ozone shampoo is based on an innovative combination of active ozone with the highest quality olive oil, which provides effective hydration, nourishment, and protection against pollutants that damage the hair. The oil contained in the shampoo does not weigh down the hair but...

Price zł31.00

Ozone soap bar

This soap is based on natural ingredients and is suitable for very sensitive skin. It provides not only the feeling of cleanliness but also excellent skincare - it moisturizes, nourishes, and protects. The cosmetic is part of the OZO line, based on the beneficial effect of active ozone closed in...

Price zł14.90

Reperative hand cream with...

An exceptional combination of beneficial ingredients makes the cream provide complex properties: it makes the skin look healthy and its surface more elastic and smooth. The cream also protects from harmful external factors. It has a pleasant, neutral scent. It does not cause irritations and is...

Price zł24.90

Hand cream gel with ozone

The cream gel is an antibacterial cosmetic that not only protects but also wonderfully cares for the most demanding hand skin. It is all due to active ozone closed in freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to its light, gel consistency the cosmetic is easy to apply. It is not sticky, gets...

Price zł17.90