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Hand cream gel with ozone

The cream gel is an antibacterial cosmetic that not only protects but also wonderfully cares for the most demanding hand skin. It is all due to active ozone closed in freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to its light, gel consistency the cosmetic is easy to apply. It is not sticky, gets...

Price zł17.90

Liquid soap with ozone

Ozone liquid soap with excellent cleansing, protective and caring properties. It thoroughly eliminates all impurities while soothing irritations. Ozone has an antibacterial effect, olive oil prevents the skin from water loss and gives it radiant freshness for a long time. It perfectly nourishes...

Price zł29.90

Shower gel with ozone

Shower gel with ozone protects and regenerates the skin. The original recipe of the gel is based on ozonized olive oil, which makes the skin moisturized, smooth and radiant. The cosmetic does not contain strong detergents, does not irritate, can be used also on sensitive skin, and skin prone to...

Price zł34.90

Body lotion with ozone

Body lotion with ozone protects, regenerates and oxygenates the skin. It shoothes all irritations, supports cell metabolism stimulating the skin to self-regeneration. It supports the restoration of the natural protective skin barrier and evens its colour.  

Price zł34.90