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Bath bomb - passion fruit

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Scandia Happy Bath Bombs fizzy bath bombs perfectly relax and improve the mood. Based on natural ingredients with precious macadamia and avocado oils as well as shea butter, they nourish and protect against dryness, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

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Active ingredients:

  • shea butter - moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes the epidermis, and supplements skin vitamin deficiencies
  • avocado oil - intensively regenerates, soothes, smoothes the skin, provides deep moisturization as well as anti-wrinkle protection 
  • grape oil - as a gentle emollient it smoothes, slightly moisturizes, and hydrates the skin, does not clog pores; has a toning and anti-inflammatory effect; improves skin tone and firmness

How to use: Simply fill your bathtub with pleasantly warm water, then place the ball in the tub. When dropped into the tub, thousands of tiny bubbles and a wonderful scent will be released which will make you feel special.

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Bath bomb - passion fruit